? Have You Seen the Tree


My neighbor Mrs. Gargan first told me about it."Have you seen " />

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Have You Seen the Tree


My neighbor Mrs. Gargan first told me about it."Have you seen the tree?" she asked as I was sitting in the backyard enjoying the October?twilight.


"The one down at the corner," she explained. "It's a beautiful tree-all kinds of colors.Cars are stopping to look. You ought to see it."


I told her I would, but I soon forgot about the tree. Three days later, I was?jogging down the street, my mind swimming with?petty?worries, when a?splash?of bright orange caught my eye. For an instant, I thought someone's house had caught fire. Then I remembered the tree.


As I?approached it, I slowed to a walk. There was nothing remarkable about the shape of the tree. a medium-sized?maple. But Mrs. Gargan had been right about its colors.Like the?messy?whirl?of an artist's?palette, the tree?blazed a bright crimson on its lower branches, burned with vivid yellows and oranges in its center. and simmered to deep red at its top. Through these?fiery?colors cascaded thin?rivulets of pale-green leaves and?blotches of deep-green leaves, as yet untouched by autumn.


Edging closer-like a?pilgrim?approaching a?shrine-I noticed several bare branches near the top, their black?twigs?scratching the air like?claws.The leaves they had shed lay like a scarlet carpet around the trunk.